We offer complimentary engraving on all of our knives so you can truly make it your own, or create a wonderful gift for a loved one. Choose between monograms, initials, custom text, and select images at checkout. For corporate gifts, visit here. Questions? Contact us or read our FAQ.

Engraving FAQ

Monogram Options

With Monogram style, the last name initial is in the middle and is more prominent than the other letters. Example: “William David Smith” would have the letters arranged in the following order: WSD.

For married couples, the common etiquette is for the last name initial to be in the middle, and each spouse’s name as the first and last initials. Example: John and Beth Smith’s monogram would look like JSB.





Font shown: Roman

The style for initials is traditional with first, middle, and last name initials in their respective order. Example: Matt Ronald Miller would look like MRM. All letters are the same size.

Recommended fonts:

  • Goudy
  • Roman

When requesting the engraving for initials at checkout, please write out full name to eliminate any confusion.

Custom Text

Font shown: Goudy

Suggestions & Guidelines

  • Maximum Character Limit: 15
  • Enter your personalization text exactly as you would like it to appear on your gift item.
  • Unless specified, we will determine appropriate line breaks and spacing based on experience.
  • Use all caps ONLY if you want your text engraved in all caps.
  • Avoid script fonts when using all caps.
  • Use script fonts only when engraving wedding dates & wedding couple names.
  • Spell check – typos and misspelled words will not be corrected as we have no way of knowing if they are intended.

Example Text:

  • Shuck Me
  • You’re my pearl.
  • Mother Shucker
  • Go (insert Team Name)!
  • Wanted: Oysters
  • Ready to Shuck


We also have a select gallery of images available for engraving. Below are are our most popular images.

Engraving FAQ