Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you do the engraving? 

My husband and I engrave all knives in our home office. 

Which the most popular monogram-style used?

Roman monogram, circle monogram and interlocking are all very popular and the most recommended.

 What is the difference between monogram and initial engraving?

With Monogram style, the last name initial is placed in the middle (instead of at the end) and displayed larger than the other letters. Example: “William David Smith” would have the letters arranged in the following order: WSD

Monograms for married couples: One spouse’s first name initial first, the couple’s last name initial in the middle and larger, and then the other spouse’s first name initial last. So if Sara Jane Morgan married Jack Cooper Brown their monogram would look like SBJ.

Initials are in the standard order (first, middle, last) and are the same font size:  Example: Jordan E. Sullivan would be, JES.

What do you recommend for initials?

For initials, we recommend Roman or Goudy fonts. 

When do you use Script style for engraving?

Script should only be used for text writing – i.e. names and dates.

What are the common text phrases you recommend with the 15 character limit?
  • Special dates & anniversaries: January 12, 2017
  • Couple names: Ann & Jeff (a wedding)
  • Phrases: Shovel and Shuck, Shuck You, You’re My Pearl, Mother Shucker, Shucking Crazy
How long does it take for knives to be engraved?

We ask for 3-5 days lead time.

Do you offer engraving on your steamers?


How long is shipping for a typical order?

Please expect your order to take up to 2 weeks from the time you place your order until it is received. If it may take longer due to backorders, you will be alerted. It takes time for us to prepare your order and customize it. Therefore, we are not able to rush orders. Thank you for understanding.

I am local and live in Charleston. Can I pick up my order? How does that work?

Yes, choose Pick up in MTP as your shipping preference. When it is ready, we will email you with the address.

Can I get it faster than 3-5 business days? I need it ASAP.

Please contact us via email or phone and we will see if we can accommodate your request. It all depends on our schedule and workload, but we will do our best!

Can I swap out the Charleston Shucker and get the Palmetto Shucker in the gift set?

Yes. Just include a note at checkout.

Do you offer overnight shipping?

No, we do not.

Do you ship to Canada?

At this time, we only ship inside the continental US.

I purchased one of your knives on Amazon or in a store and want to bring it to you to engrave, how can I do this? 

Unfortunately, we do not engrave knives that we have sold to retail outlets or through Amazon.

We are having a fundraiser, will you donate an item?

Please email us at with your request.

Can I see the sample knife before you engrave?

No, but we would be happy to send you additional pictures if needed. 

Where do you suggest we buy our oysters?

As much as we’d like to become friends with every oyster farmer in the USA, we suggest asking your local seafood shop or searching online for oysters nearby..

How are the knives packaged for gifts?

Each knife comes in a burlap pouch. You may request a message to include with your gift as a note. 

Do you offer quantity discounts? What is your corporate pricing?

Yes we do.For a quote for the Charleston Shucker, please email or call 843-819-9070 with the quantity you need and what you would like engraved for a quote.